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Nadine Kloss-Gannon

by Julia Betti and Mollie Boyd


As a photographer, it is crucial to be able to share one’s vision with others in order to capture that perfect image, which photographer Nadine Kloss-Gannon of NKG Photography strives to do in every image she snaps.

Gannon’s love for photography sparked when she picked up her dad’s film camera when she was just 14 years old. Throughout her life, Gannon’s mother has always been her biggest supporter because she understood the importance of the arts and always encouraged her to pursue her dreams. After becoming more familiar with the camera, she quickly realized she was able to express her own feelings and emotions through visual art, especially photography.

For Gannon, seeing through her camera is her own “verbal communication” since it is a “truthful expression of what she sees.” Through photography, she is able to capture a fleeting moment on film that would otherwise be gone.

Located in Greentown, NKG Photography offers artistic flares for any commercial photography needs by incorporating both still imagery and drone imagery from above.

Gannon works with different companies such as real estate companies to highlight their properties, local businesses seeking powerful advertising images to strengthen their online social media presence or with local community organizations to promote their events.

Gannon graduated from East Stroudsburg University in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in fine arts. In 2013, she decided to go back to school. She received her Masters of Fine Arts with an emphasis in graphics and photography in July 2017 from Marywood University. After graduating with her masters, Gannon was ready to embark on a new journey and fill the time she once used completing school work.

Gannon realized that she could combine her passions for flight and photography through aerial drone photography. In her 21 years as a flight attendant with United Airlines, she loved capturing images of the airplane boneyard on the ground. However, after continually flying she received the urge to take aerial images of what she saw on the ground. The photographer has now gained more seniority within her role as a flight attendant, which has offered her more flexibility in her schedule to balance flying and her photography business. Upon receiving her drone license, Gannon is now mastering how to navigate and fly her drones so she can obtain the best images.

Gannon’s favorite aspect of drone photography is the point of view because she is “sharing a view that would otherwise not be seen by most people.”

One of the biggest challenges facing Gannon today in her business is the major technological advancements occurring everywhere, which makes it hard to stay on top of all of the changes.

For her, she says her biggest struggles are learning the newest technological advances and then financially investing in the newest equipment to stay atop those changes.

She thoroughly enjoys working independently balancing both her flying and photography schedules. She feels she is able to be more creative by only accepting jobs she can do independently and carve out the time to do so in between flying.

Through drone photography, Gannon has been able to create a new and exciting point of view for her clients. She is looking forward to snapping even more photos with drone aerial imaging to help companies fulfill their creative business needs.

To aspiring entrepreneurs looking to open their own small business Gannon offers this advice,

“First, have a passion for what the business is so they can be able to emerge themselves in it 100 percent. Second, don’t go into it underfunded or to remain at a steady job for income while one builds up their business.”

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Julia Betti and Mollie Boyd are marketing majors and University of Scranton Women’s Entrepreneurship Center interns. They work with Donna Simpson who is Consultant Manager at the University of Scranton Small Business Development Center.